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Weekly Mentoring Activity Ideas for a Year:

  1. Set your mentoring goals together.
  2. Tackle some homework.
  3. Make dinner together.
  4. Go out for dinner together.
  5. Make popcorn and talk.
  6. Go to a movie.
  7. Go to a concert.
  8. Shoot some hoops.
  9. Go to the library together.
  10. Just hang out.
  11. Figure out how to program your VCR.
  12. Learn about pop music.
  13. Talk about life.
  14. Give a tour of your current job.
  15. Talk about your very first job.
  16. Talk about planning a career.
  17. Plan a career.
  18. Get together with friends from work.
  19. Take tours of friends' jobs.
  20. Visit a local technical school.
  21. Visit a community college.
  22. Talk about college.
  23. Have your friends talk about college.
  24. Sit in on some evening classes.
  25. Work on applications together.
  26. Explore financial aid options.
  27. Work on a resume.
  28. Talk about dressing for success.
  29. Do a pretend job interview.
  30. Talk about how to look for a job.
  31. Talk about where to find a job.
  32. Find a summer job.
  33. Set up a work internship.
  34. Talk about networking.
  35. Talk about what it takes to get ahead.
  36. Talk about health insurance.
  37. Talk about taxes.
  38. Talk about balancing work and life.
  39. Talk about balancing a checkbook.
  40. Talk about balancing a budget.
  41. Talk about living within one's means.
  42. Talk about credit cards.
  43. Go bargain hunting.
  44. Plan a week's worth of meals.
  45. Do a week's grocery shopping together.
  46. Go holiday shopping.
  47. Write "thank you" notes.
  48. Go to a house of worship.
  49. Celebrate a friend's religious holiday.
  50. Talk about relationships.
  51. Talk about personal values.
  52. Talk about the future.

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