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The Vermont Mentoring Partnership (VMP) is a non-profit organization that has been focusing on "improving the quality and capacity of mentoring throughout Vermont" since 1992. Ultimately, the vision of the Vermont Mentoring Partnership is to improve the lives of Vermont youth through quality mentoring relationships.

The VMP strategic plan articulates the overall vision for mentoring in Vermont and includes the short-term and long-term strategies to help achieve its goal. The VMP was developed through an in-depth planning process, initiated in 1999, designed to identify and assess the most critical needs facing the mentoring community and to develop a strategic plan of action to impact those needs. The first step in this process was to bring service providers and state leaders together in a series of meetings over the period of a year to identify priorities and reach consensus on the implementation strategies used to reach its vision. The outcome of these meetings validated the fact that the current capacity of pre-existent mentor programs in Vermont was not sufficient to meet the need for mentoring relationships. It became clear that formalizing and strengthening a statewide infrastructure was critical if Vermont youth were going to receive the support they needed from safe supportive, mentor relationships. Five key needs were identified:

  1. The need for increased public awareness and coordinated recruitment of mentors.
  2. The need for technical assistance and training.
  3. The need for funding and resources for mentoring programs.
  4. The insurance of quality mentoring programs and a system to maintain integrity and safety.
  5. Collection and access to statewide information about mentoring and evaluation.

The Vermont Mentoring Partnership was created to fill these needs.