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Be a Mentor:

A Mentor is:

  • a guide
  • a friend
  • a listener
  • a coach
  • a responsive adult

A Mentor isn't:

  • a savior
  • a foster parent
  • a therapist
  • a parole officer
  • a cool peer

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What is a Mentor?

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How Do I Become A Mentor/Find A Mentor?

  1. Contact VMP to find a program or volunteer opportunity near you. Please email us at
  2. Check out our Mentor Network to find a program in your county.

What Do You Have to Offer?

Things that may seem easy or straightforward to you are often mysterious to young people. That's why it can be easier than you think to make a difference in a young person's life. Here is what some students at McKinley Tech High School in Washington, D.C. had to say about their mentors:

"You don't need sacks of money to be a mentor. You just need time."

"I wasn't really motivated at all about college until my mentor took me to a college fair. My mentor graduated from college, which gave me the idea that I could, too."

"Financial aid forms -- forget it! My mentor helped me with them. Otherwise, I might not have bothered."

"Mentors have hook-ups in high places. They've got connections."

"We went to a baseball game -- it was all right!"

"My mentor helped me out with homework."

"Mine helped me with my resume."

"Say you save up your money and go buy a car. Who's going to help you fill out all the forms? If you're lucky, a mentor will."